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The DRM technology that online digital books include is a system that gives you access to the books only from your own account or through the readers that the company allows. However, buying those books doesn’t really guarantee that you can keep them forever. You’re really just renting the product and you can even run the risk of losing your library for no apparent reason. What happens if you want to lend the book to a friend, make a copy or simply open the book with another ebook? You would need to delete the DRM. That’s when you need the help of an app that’ll get rid of the problem for you such as Ultimate eBook Converter.

The program can delete the protection that ebooks such as Kindle, Adobe Adepto y Nook include. If you’ve bought a product that’s exclusive to one of these brands, Ultimate eBook Converter makes sure you can store it in a safe place and lend it to whoever you want. The DRM controls the devices that can be used to read an ebook and stops them from converting its original format and limits its use to ebook only. Ultimate eBook Converter also lets you convert the format to ePub, Mobi, AZW, AZW3, HTML and PDF.

Its interface is super easy to use: just import the books and create a list of the texts you want to edit. Before starting the process it is convenient to modify its title, author, date, language or any other aspect that may be incorrect; doing so makes sure you easily find it when you search for it. Once you’ve entered all the information correctly, you can focus on deleting the DRM and converting the formats.

The conversion process is very simple. You just need a few seconds to complete it and once it’s ready you can automatically download the content and upload it to any electronic reader, share it with a friend or simply make a backup copy.

This version offers a 30 day trial and only lets you delete the DRM of ten books maximum.

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